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110cm x 15cm

Submission (2023)_Soyoung Christina Chung.jpg
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Submission (2023) is a photographic installation consisting of Chung's eleven ID photos collected since 2013. Eleven ID photos were taken in South Korea, Finland, Malaysia and Germany and each photo has been used as identification for specific purposes of governmental consul and immigration based on its different standards. 

Reflecting on Chung's life, she has been trying to prove a legit and innocent person to safely immigrate and reside in different countries. Submission of an ID photo which was taken under a particular procedure has always been her first step to demonstrate some amount of obedience. 

In terms of hierarchy, submission of ID photos personally marginalizes us as low as possible and brings a momentary feeling of human being as a tool. Through "Submission", Chung is placing herself as an independent human being and putting the photos individually valuable regardless of any criteria or authoritative intervention. 

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