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Photos from Colorful exhibition at Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, Finland in 2021




"Colorful" is an interactive installation and performance with 14 minutes of documentation demonstrating how we overcome and deal with unforgettable trauma once we belong into a society and encounter new people.


Ultramarine blue is the artist’s favorite color, but ironically it is also her traumatic color, evoking memories from 2010 to 2014. During that period, the artist was learning aquarelle techniques while sitting on a chair for 14 hours a-day at the art institute situated in Seoul, South Korea. She was forced to use only ultramarine blue and vandyke colors to make the base tone for aquarelle the paintings. The artist desired other colors, however she wasn’t allowed to. Diversity was an unacceptable thing. The tacit rule was deeply implemented by the art academy for decades and it changed ultramarine blue from her favorite color to a traumatic color.


Since we engage with each other through the tangled yarn of society, our footprints are subconsciously left as unforgettable memories by spreading the yarn further. However, we are healed by associating with people in a jumbled society and it frees our traumas by sharing it.


This performance was conducted and documented at Galleria Rajatila in Tampere, Finland.

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